ARM Expertise

In 2016, HDL Design House was selected as an ARM Approved Design Partner, thus joining a global network of design service companies endorsed by ARM. To ensure the deliverance of the highest quality in SoC design services based around ARM processor IP and the ARM DesignStart portal, HDL Design House successfully completed the ARM auditing process. Membership of the program validates HDL DH’s ability to respond to increasing customer requirements for the provision of ARM-based solutions and expertise. ARM technology users can also benefit from the HDL DH FlexIP core portfolio, which consists of soft IP cores ready to be integrated into ARM-based SoC.

As an ARM Approved Design Partner, HDL Design House:

  • Demonstrated track record of success using ARM IP
  • Demonstrated world class expertise in SoC design working on more than 50 different SoC projects
  • Audited by ARM, gives customers confidence in HDL DH processes, quality standards & financial stability
  • Enables faster time to market by using highly qualified, expert engineering teams who are supported by ARM

HDL DH team has accumulated significant know-how in SoC design, working on numerous ARM-based projects covering market segments such as industrial, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), communications and automotive. Membership of the ARM Approved Design Partner program demonstrates our ability to assist with bespoke customer projects in the latest technologies for emerging markets.

The expertise gained over the years of participation in successful ARM-based SoC design, integration, and verification, derives confidence in future accomplishments of a team that extends to more than 250 engineers employed by HDL Design House. The team is led by a group of engineers that have 10+ years of industrial experience, and holds a total of 27 AAE certifications among its members.

Keeping up with the technology development, always being in lockstep with latest from ARM in terms of improvements and deliverables, HDL Design House is capable of delivering services with little or no time invested in learning and getting familiar with specific ARM-based architectures and individual components. The amount of accumulated ARM-related knowledge, dating from 2002, leaves no options other than success in any type of project with virtually limitless flexibility.

Long term collaboration with global leading semiconductor companies, working on projects based on ARM platforms, outlines the capabilities and constant effort investments, induced by motivation and drive to provide the best services regardless of the scope or size of the project. Having several engineers who built their entire 10+ years lasting careers in ARM-based SoC with HDL Design House signifies the determination, consistency, and motivation that are dominating and driving the whole team.