Analog design

In 2010, HDL Design House formed a team of innovative and dedicated analog engineers, which has been growing and accumulating experience working on various analog design projects. We have experience in analog and mixed signal IC design in various technology nodes, from 14nm FinFET to 140nm HV planar automotive node. Through the past we gained experience in design of different analog modules, such as PLL, Bandgap reference, ADC, LDO, OpAmp, USB PHY etc. HDL Design House analog expertise includes:

  • Specification writing and feasibility studies
  • Circuit design and simulation
  • Analog and custom digital layout design
  • Advanced analog layout design in 28nm
  • Physical verification of the design (DRC, LVS, ERC, DFM)
  • Layout parasitic extraction and post-layout simulation
  • Verilog A, Verilog AMS and Wreal model development

HDL Design House can provide in-house development using its own infrastructure or working on the clients infrastructure through VDI or similar technology.