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Location: Belgrade



    Design your first work experience with us!

    Who can apply:

    Students in the third or fourth year of their Sc. degree and M. Sc. degree students in Electronics, Informatics, Computer Science, Automatic, Telecommunications or Electrical engineering.


    Verification of a protocol converter module


    The candidate will verify functional correctness of a bus splitter module using UVM methodology and SystemVerilog language.
    In the first stage, UVCs (Universal Verification Components) for interfaces/protocols used by the protocol converter module will be created, and in the second stage, a complete UVM environment for verification of the module will be written, and a randomized test regression for its verification will be run.
    The project will be implemented using Cadence tool suite.


    At least B level of English language (spoken and written)

    Why to choose to work for HDL Design House:

    Paid internship
    No lock-in contract obligation
    Working in young and enthusiastic team
    Opportunity to work on projects for some of the best Semiconductor companies in the world

    Application deadline:

    25th of July


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